Hello, my name is Pongsuwan Natthayang. You can call me Nutt.

I’m one of the founders of the company “Sunny Elephant Company” or under the brand “Unicorn”. I serve as the head driver and I’m still driving customers. You might meet me sometime!

The idea of “Unicorn” originated from my passion for driving. I completed my education up to the vocational level and started working at the age of 15 due to financial constraints, which prevented me from pursuing higher education.

I started working earnestly at a hotel at the age of 16. Accumulating experience gradually led me to the position of a driver, shuttling customers from the airport to the hotel I worked at.

I felt happy seeing customers from various countries come to Phuket for relaxation. The gleam of happiness and excitement in their eyes, the safe journey to the hotel, all brought me joy and made me dream of doing this earnestly.

After saving a small sum of money, I bought my first van and started picking up customers from the airport. Later, I began establishing the company in collaboration with my wife.

In addition to airport transfers, I also offer sightseeing trips to various interesting places in Phuket. There are many places I would like you to experience – places not commonly promoted on general websites.

Unicorn Phuket Tour

We are just a small company that began with love and dedication. We want to provide excellent service to our customers, ensuring your happiness during your stay in Phuket, which is my hometown.

If you are interested in our service, you can contact me on WhatsApp. I might not reply personally as before, but I will still provide guidance, and my team is just as competent as me!

about Unicorn Phuket

Our Services:

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off.
  • Touring various points of interest; you can also book a car rental with a driver.
  • Book various types of tickets such as Carnival Magic, Phuket Fantasea, Elephant sanctuary.
  • Additionally, we arrange island tours, and of course, they are all good since I personally explore them before including them in our programs.

For the best customer service, I might not be able to accommodate many bookings each day. Please make reservations in advance for us to take care of you.

Booking with us : WhatsApp: +66(0)81-296-4794

Our Team

Unicorn Phuket Team

Jiraporn P. ( Laura )

Sale Exclusive

Unicorn Team

Gussama Y. ( Gus )

Digital Marketing

unicorn team 2

Sofee W. (F)

Website Admin

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Staff Greeter at Phuket International Airport

Meet and Greet at Phuket International airport in Phuket


Staff Greeter at Phuket International Airport

staff greeter Phuket Airport


Staff Greeter at Phuket Airport Domestic