Racha Island Tours

Racha Island Tour, One Day Trip by Premium Yacht or Speedboat.

Racha Island is an island with beautiful emerald colored sea water and you can snorkel all over the island and also have scuba diving activities.

For anyone who is a scuba diver coming to the island for snorkeling, we especially recommend this program.

Tours available Racha Noi Island Tour, Racha Yai Island Tour, Maiton Island, Racha Island Yacht Cruise, Sunset Island Tour Koh Hey full day by speedboat.

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Racha Island Trip

A trip to Racha Island is suitable for people who are looking for a beautiful white sand beach to sit and relax by the sea and want to scuba dive and see underwater animals. Ratcha Island tour is one of the options.


Koh Racha Yai is an island with clean white sand beaches.
Racha Island has 5 bays and is considered a famous diving site, especially the Siam Bay area, which is very natural. The sea water has a beautiful emerald color. Scuba diving is a highlight activity that must not be missed.


And there is also snorkeling that can be done all over the island because there are perfect coral reefs everywhere. Traveling around the bay is convenient because there are walking paths to explore nature around the island.


ชมพระอาทิตย์ตก ที่เกาะราชา


And you can’t miss the romantic corner around Patok Bay. It is a very beautiful sunset viewing point.