Similan Islands Tours

Similan Islands Tours

Similan One Day Trip Premium Tour by Speedboat and Catamaran travel from Phuket or Khao Lak.

Trips that Unicorn Tours provides include Similan tour with mermaid tail set by Fantastic Similan, who has been a service provider and expert for more than 15 years. Who likes to take beautiful photos? Super cute guide, must choose this trip.

Or it’s a premium Similan day trip, traveling with SeaStar, which is popular with many customers.If anyone likes the Love Andaman brand, you must choose this trip. Similan Islands Tour with Love Andaman.

If any customers like to travel on a large boat, Unicorn Tours recommends a Similan Island tour by double-decker catamaran.

Every program and service provider Unicorn Island Tours has selected to offer is guaranteed to impress.

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Similan One Day Premium Trip travels by speedboat or catamaran.

Similan tour is suitable for customers who enjoy rare marine animals. Dive to see the abundant coral reefs. The water is clear and you can see the sand beneath the sea.

Any tourist who wants to visit every atmosphere of the Andaman Sea with its bright blue sea and white sandy beaches must visit Similan once in their life. You will get every flavor of emotion from going to the beach. snorkeling Nature trail and beautiful viewpoints

Similan Islands Located in Phang Nga Province Can travel from October to May.


An activity that cannot be missed when traveling to Similan.

  • Deep diving, snorkeling activities
  • Activities to climb a mountain to see viewpoints and see nature
  • Lying and chilling on the beach
  • Admire the animal life on the island


Boats providing service to Phi Phi Island

  • Speed boat

speedboat to similan


  • Catamaran

catamaran to Similan