Surin Islands Tours

The Surin Islands tour is ideal for those who enjoy the abundance of coral reefs and sea creatures, as well as experiencing the Moken way of life.

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Surin Islands Tour Day trip or overnight

Whoever is a scuba diver loves the beauty of the underwater world. The abundance of corals and rare aquatic animals You must come and admire this island at least once in your life.


The charm of the Surin Islands

Morgan Village

Morgan Village

Moken community and the charm of unique wooden houses in the middle of the sea It is located in the area of Bon Yai Bay and tourists will experience the true Moken way of life.

Surin Islands Consists of a total of 5 islands:

  • North Surin Island
  • South Surin Island
  • Ko Ree
  • Khai Island
  • center island

Each island has different beauty and charm. But what all islands have in common is shallow coral reefs that are extremely biodiverse. It is one of the largest and most complete in Thailand.


Interesting tourist spots at Surin Islands

There is Suthep Bay, which has the first underwater nature trail in Thailand that scuba divers should not miss. There is a complete coral reef over 1,200 meters, with a wide variety of marine life found. Especially the big lobster And there is also Ao Tao. Where the most sea turtles can be seen especially hawksbill turtles