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Explore the Adventure in “Koh Khai Nai” (Cat Island) 

A Paradise for Cat Lovers That You Must Visit

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Koh Khai Island Cr: Love Andaman

If you’re searching for an unconventional vacation destination, look no further than ” Koh Khai Nai”, nestled in the picturesque Phang Nga province.

This small island is filled with over a hundred adorable kittens! Love the sea and want to indulge in the beauty of sandy beaches? The perfect place for you is right here.

Whether you prefer sailing to nearby islands lounging on soft white sands or exploring the vibrant coral reefs while snorkeling, Koh Khai Nai has it all!

We assure you that you will experience a peaceful vacation on the island while simultaneously unwinding with the company of these cute kittens. Up until this point, I guess you’re getting excited already.

So, let’s get to know more about Koh Khai Nai, also known as Cat Island!

Get to Know “Koh Khai Nai” (Cat Island) – A Paradise for Cat Lovers. Meowwwww!

Koh Khai Nai, popularly known as Cat Island, is situated in the province of Phang Nga.

There are over a hundred adorable kittens living in this small location, making it a popular tourist destination. Here, tourists can enjoy the pristine seas or have fun snorkeling to view the colorful coral reefs. In addition, Koh Khai Nai is an ideal area to stroll and appreciate the stunning sea views.

When you visit Koh Khai Nai, you will be greeted by beautiful sandy beaches with white grains of sand which make for a perfect setting to spend the entire day without being bored.

Especially during times when a gentle breeze blows with the sound of sea waves, the atmosphere is perfect for relaxation and peace of mind.

When we talk about Koh Khai Nai (Cat Island), you can feel the beauty of the sea, whether it’s the tranquility and natural beauty, or even the fun of doing various activities on an island that is as charming as any other.

In addition, Koh Khai Nai is also home to various types of animals, it’s a place with high biodiversity, making Koh Khai Nai a complete travel destination, both in terms of sea and surrounding nature.

4 activities you should try when visiting Koh Khai Nai

Koh Khai Nai, or Cat Island, is one of the interesting islands in Phang Nga Province, offering both natural beauty and fascinating culture.

It’s well-known for its beautiful marine resources. This island offers activities for those who want to have fun throughout their time on the island.

Whether you want to relax peacefully by yourself, have a holiday break with your family, or have an adventurous trip with a group of friends, there’s always something for everyone.

If you’re still not sure what to do here, here are 4 must-try activities when visiting Koh Khai Nai (Cat Island)

1. Diving to see coral reefs

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Koh Khai Nai is a beautiful diving site where you can encounter a variety of underwater creatures such as Siamese fighting fish, cichilds, sailfish, and various other species.

You can also rent canoes and diving equipment from nearby piers to fully enjoy the activities on the island.

2. Playing with cute cats

Playing with cute cats

Koh Khai Nai is known as the island of cats because it is a heaven for cats. If you’re a cat lover, the most interesting activity is playing with cats on Koh Khai Nai.

You can also take pictures with the cute cats. But don’t forget to bring cat food or small treats for the cats, as they are very friendly and will follow you closely.

3. Enjoy the beauty of Koh Khai Nai

Koh Khai Nai is one of the beautiful tourist destinations. These beautiful views of crystal-clear seas will truly relax your mind and body.

If you want to see the gorgeous view, it is recommended to watch in the morning or evening because the weather is not too hot, and the atmosphere is very romantic.

4. Exploring Food and Walking around Cafes on the Island 

If you have a chance to visit Koh Khai Nai in Phang Nga Province, exploring the local food around the island is an activity you should consider. Upon arrival at Koh Khai Nai, you will find restaurants and cafes located along the beach.

Most of them usually serve various seafood dishes with rich flavors, including Tom Yum Kung, Prawn Pad Thai, grilled crab, crispy fried mackerel, and stir-fried crab with curry powder.

Anyone visiting should try them at least once. Not only will you enjoy the delicious food, but you will also get to relax with the beautiful sea view on the island.

How to Get to Koh Khai Nai 

Traveling to Koh Khai Nai can be conveniently done in several ways. If you are coming from Phang Nga Province, you can rent a boat from the pier on the larger nearby Koh Yao Island, which only takes about 30 minutes. Or, if you are coming from Phuket Province, it’s just a 15-minute boat ride! Fast and very convenient.

If you are not comfortable traveling on your own and are concerned about the trip, you can also buy a tour to Koh Khai Nai, which provides morning departures and evening returns.

It’s a short trip, safe, and worry-free. It’s definitely worth it for a travel experience.

Finally, if anyone has the opportunity to visit Koh Khai Nai or Cat Island, don’t forget to roll around on the beautiful sandy beach, go snorkeling to see the coral reefs, walk around the island to admire the view, and hug the adorable cats and feed them before you leave. Just by doing this, you will have memorable experiences on Koh Khai Nai or Cat Island in Phang Nga Province, where the kittens are saying, “Hooman, please come back to me”, hehe.

If you don’t know where to go, Koh Khai Nai or Cat Island is an interesting place waiting for everyone to visit.

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