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Similan Islands: Everything you need to know about Similan Islands

The Similan Islands are located in the Andaman sea, off the west coast of Southern Thailand. The Islands are one of the most amazing tourist attractions of Southern Thailand. 

Made up of a total of eleven islands, each of the Similan Islands is equally as breathtaking as the next. It boasts of crystal clear waters that are home to different forms of marine life. 

The spectacular rock formations and coral reefs of the Islands also make them one of the top tourist destinations for a lot of people.

If you love tourism and exploration, and an opportunity to see beautiful Islands, water and wildlife catch your fancy, the Similan Islands will give you value for your time. This article intends to briefly tell you all you need to know about the Islands.

 Things to do or see at the Islands, how to get to the Islands, the recommended time to tour the Island, and places you can stay on the Island.

The Similan Islands: Things to do and places to visit

If you want to spice up any tour or holiday get-away, there are always things you must do to spice up the tour and get the best experience possible. It is why we’ve compiled a list of things to do at the Similan Islands.

Snorkelling and Scuba diving.

The Similan Islands are a collection of natural wonders. They all have low-lying formations with plush and dense forests and surrounded by clear waters to amplify their beauty. 

Beyond the beauty of the Islands, the Similan Islands are regarded as one of the top 10 dive areas of the Asian area. So, if you love to dive, you will love the Similan Islands. The waters of the Island are not just clear, they are warm and welcoming and do not have heavy waves. 

The waters offer about 20 to 30m of visibility, making the Islands an ideal place for an awesome Scuba experience. 

If you are touring or visiting between late October up to May, the marine lives of the Similan Islands will be at their buzzing state and you can always allow yourself to be engrossed in this nature’s creation. Submarine rocks formations, large granite boulders, giant fan corals, swim-throughs, gently-sloping coral reefs, deep rocky gorges and so on are promises and fulfilments of a top dive experience for every diver.

You can also rent your snorkeling gear from the Marine National Park Headquarters of the Similan Islands. If you have your own gear, you’re good to go.

Asides the beautiful personal Snorkeling and Scuba diving experience offered by the Similan Islands, you can also decide to join the liveaboards that leave Phuket and Khao Lak regularly on trips to Similan and Surin Islands. Liveaboards help you get the best of your dive experience as they take you to every of the main dive sites for your driving pleasure.

Go hiking on Similan Islands

Do not worry about getting lost, the Similan Islands are generally not large. However, there is a lot you can discover out of the water. You can take a short hiking trip into the dense forests of the Islands. Explore and discover hidden places on your own or as a small group. 

There are hiking trails you can follow and have a good time. If you’re the more adventurous type, you can set out to discover your own trail and explore deep into the forest. Always go on hiking trips on the Similan Islands (or any hiking trip for that matter) with adequate hiking equipment.

Have a relaxing time by the beach

This is definitely a thing to do with all beaches and beach areas. I personally wouldn’t go to a place with a beach without relaxing on the beach sand while looking at the waves.

 After all your diving experience, Snorkeling or hiking, you can always have a relaxing time by the beach and listen to the gentle rhythm and waves of the waters.

 It will definitely be a time you’ll cherish.

Revel in the beauty of the Similan Island Wildlife

This is definitely a thing! The Islands are home to awesome and beautiful wildlife beyond imaginations. With the teeming numbers of Ironwood, rattan, gum trees, and bamboo that house the crab-eating monkeys, lizards, bats, exotic birds, squirrels and so on. 

If you live with animals and wildlife, the Similan Islands welcome you with some of the best of such.

How to Get to Similan Islands?

If you’re looking to visit Similan Islands, take note that during the low-season months of May till October, there might be no boats making trips to the Island. Other times or seasons, there are boats you can take to the Islands but they might be limited in availability.

The nearest take-off point is the Thap Lamu pier. It is located in the Thai Muang district of Phang Nga. The boat trips cost about 1,000 to 5,500 Baht depending on the type of boat you chose to go with. The trips usually take about three hours.

 Also, you can take a day trip from Phuket or Khao Lak, or join a liveaboard boat trip. You can also, on some occasions take a taxi or bus from Phuket to Khao Lak where you can then take a boat 

When is it best to visit the Island?

Due to the nature of the Islands that makes it impossible for them to handle the mass numbers of yearly tourists, the Thailand Government usually closes the Islands to the public between May to October.

Therefore, if you intend to visit or tour the Similan Islands, the best time to go will be the months between October and May.

Where to Stay on the Similan Islands?

The Similan Islands have a fragile ecosystem and are therefore given extra precaution and preservation. Of the eleven Islands, you can only stay on three. They are Koh Miang, Ko Similan, and Koh Tachai. 

The available accommodations are guest houses and spacious camping tents that can take up to two or three people at a time. If you go with a tour company, there’s a high probability that your accommodation would have been taken into account as part of the package.

 In such a case, you wouldn’t have to worry too much about accommodation. Also, you can stay in Phuket or Khao Lak as there are some of the Islands that do not allow overnight stay.

Whatever the package, the Similan Islands are very beautiful tourist destinations that you will definitely enjoy. If you do not have them on your list of places to visit, now is the time to make a new entry.