Let’s come back again with Unicorn, your closer guide recommending attractions in Phuket. You could follow me and enjoy traveling to Phuket.

 Today, I will talk about “10 BEST THINGS TO DO IN PHUKET ”. The 10 things are the must-do things in Phuket. If you don’t do that, you do not arrive in Phuket. I will guide you to the top landmarks in Phuket. You will understand all aspects of Phuket such as culture, lifestyle, and nature.

 I am happy to share our “10 BEST THINGS TO DO IN PHUKET 2023” with you! Read on to find out and let’s explore together.

1. Learning Buddhism at Wat Chalong

Learning Buddhism at Wat Chalong

Buddhism is a symbol of Thailand. The first thing you should do in Thailand is visit temples to pray and pay respects to several revered monks. The most popular temple in Phuket is Wat Chalong or officially named Wat Chaithararam. Wat Chalong was established in 1837.

The architecture and sculpture show the identity of Buddhism and the belief of Buddhists.  In the Wat Chalong, there is a big pagoda.

The inside of the pagoda has a secret relic of Buddha (bone of the Buddha) or called “Phrathad ” in Thai. Moreover, there is the statue of 2 revered monks named Luang Pho Cham and Luang Pho Chuang. There are not only Wat Chalong in Phuket but also 29 Buddhist temples spread around the island. 

2. Enjoying on the beach 

phuket beach

Phuket is the heaven of sea lovers, you will touch the blue sea, sandy beaches, and a beautiful view.

Phuket’s island still offers a real feeling of evasion from our modern world. If you’d like to escape from the crowd, I recommend Nai Han Beach.

Many have excellent activities such as snorkeling and coral reef diving, while others simply offer nice patches of sand on which to spend a quiet day. 

3. Seeing the sunset

Phuket sunset

That is one of the interesting activities in Phuket. You will be overwhelmed with the amazing sunsets. The most famous place for seeing the sunset is Laem Promthep or Promthep cape. It is the last sunset spot in Thailand.

It is a very nice and natural spot. The view of the sunset shows that the sun is saying good bye and ending up the sun’s duty for a day. The sunset moment will take you to the charm of nature.

The atmosphere is so good. People love to stay here for a protracted period of time. The sunset will be the backdrop for snapshots. It is a great experience in Phuket.

Therefore, seeing the sunset at Laem Promthep in Phuket is an activity you must do.

4. Eating “Dim sum” and “Kanom Jeen Namya”

dim sum phuket

Dim sum Cr: ฮุน ติ่มซำ Hoon Dimsum

The Phuket cuisine that you should eat before you leave is Dim Sum and Kanomjeen Namya. Dim sum is the collection of Chinese fusion food in Phuket, ready to be ordered.

It’s smart to plot out which is highly recommended by the locals. The filling is diverse ranging from shrimp, pork, prawn and green beans.

Dim Sum has a richness in flavor and a variety of different dishes. 

Kanom Jeen Namya

Kanom Jeen Namya Cr: Paddy SK

Kanom Jeen Namya is a common dish all over Thailand. But, The Kanom Jeen Namya in Phuket is made up of the local Phuket recipe.

“Kanom Jeen” is cold rice noodle, “Namya” is shredded fish curry served with cold rice noodles.

There are many side dishes such as Fried Chicken, “Kanom Sai Gai”, “Pa Tong Go” served with “Kanom Jeen Namya”, served in southern-style with a huge selection of herbs, vegetables, fruit and seasonings that are meant to be mixed with the noodles and curry.

The curry has many kinds of your choice such as “Namyapu”. In addition, you could pick up some of the best ingredients of beef, chicken, fish or crab.

5. Eating Seafood

Sea Food Phuket

You will be immensely enjoyable with all kinds of seafood in Phuket. Tourists have at least one seafood dinner during their stay on the island.

Many immensely enjoyable tourists return to Phuket again and again because they love the food available on the island. Fresh seafood of the ocean is available to you, all dishes will get your mouth watering.

6. Enjoying the Nightlife at Bangla Road 

Bangla Road

Bangla Road  Cr:

Bangla road is the heart of all Phuket Nightlife. While it is open to traffic during the day, pedestrians walk the street starting at 6 p.m. LED screen at the half-way point down Bangla Road.

There are many dozens of tight Beer Bars, live music bars, rooftop bars, and nightclubs. Which are right across the road from each other, and usually have street performers doing their thing nearby. 

7. Shopping In The Night Market

Chillva Market

Phuket market Cr: Chillva Market Facebook

Nobody spends too much time holed up in your Phuket resort when a world of shopping surprises await for those eager to explore Phuket’s night markets. 

You can sample real-life and local life. They can be a great place to have your evening meal, experience genuine. There are many various food stalls. It does get quite busy in the evening, but best to go in the late afternoon or early evening when the temperature cools down a bit.

Chillva Market2

You can get anything here such as Thai street food, delicious local food, local handicrafts, clothes, unique souvenirs, or get a taste of island life before night. The prices are generally more reasonable.

There are many night markets around Phuket such as Chillva Market, Phuket Weekend Market, Phuket Indy Market, and Phuket walking street.

8. Walking in Phuket Old Town

Phuket Old Town

Phuket Old Town Cr: TAT

A must-do in Phuket is a walk in the old part of Phuket City. Street by street will give you the main points of interest. Phuket Old Town was built on riches reaped from Phuket’s tin boom of the last century.

The beautiful architecture along these roads will take you back to the charm of a century ago. You will see grandiose Sino-colonial mansions, once occupied by Phuket’s tin barons of 100 years ago.

The architecture is a reflection of European influence on the island. Moreover, there is a museum, plenty of little cafes and restaurants to enjoy a break and lunch.

The best time to do this is early in the morning or after the day has lost its heat.

9. Seeing the overview of Phuket at Big Buddha

Phuket at Big Buddha

Big Buddha Cr: Igo

The Big Buddha is called “Phra Putta Mingmongkol Aken Akkiri Buddha” in Thai. The Big Buddha was established on the top of Nagakerd Mountain.

The main white marble statue was built in 2004 and is 25 meters across the base. Big Buddha is one of the most important landmarks on the island.

A plot of land on the top of Mount Nagakerd, with beautiful landscape views of Phuket surrounding the Kittisangkharam Temple, was donated by faithful Buddhist followers.

The atmosphere is very peaceful. The views from up there are breathtaking. The direction in front of the Big Buddha is Chalong Bay. When the sky is clear, you will see all over Phang Nga Bay.

10. Travel at islands around Phuket 

similan island

Similan Island

You shouldn’t miss going to the island in Phuket. There are several big and small surrounding islands.

Phuket gets thousands of visitors every year owing to its many exquisite beaches.

Islands in Phuket will sweep you off your feet with their scenic beauty. You will be confronted with the magical color of sea waters, stunning beaches.