Similan Islands: Everything you need to know about Similan Islands

The Similan Islands are located in the Andaman sea, off the west coast of Southern Thailand. The Islands are one of the most amazing tourist attractions of Southern Thailand.  Made up of a total of eleven islands, each of the Similan Islands is equally as breathtaking as the next. It boasts of crystal clear waters […]


July 2, 2023

9 Budget-Friendly Scuba Diving Islands in Phuket: EP1

Visiting Phuket and not experiencing scuba diving would be a missed opportunity! This article will guide diving beginners to Phuket’s affordable islands perfect for an underwater adventure. These destinations cater to all, including those less confident in swimming, who can still enjoy shallow dives to marvel at the stunning coral reefs surrounding Phuket. The best […]


May 2, 2023

Visit James Bond Island and Panyee Island, a Marvelous Village Amidst the Sea (2023)

Seeking a great miracle? Look no further, discover it all at “James Bond Island,” also known as Khao Tapu. The Origin of James Bond Island’s Name James Bond 007. Source: Welcome to the fascinating world of James Bond Island! Also known as Khao Tapu, this striking island gained its nickname from its starring role […]


April 29, 2023
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