Koh Khai

Friendly Scuba Diving Islands in Phuket: EP2

In the previous episode, we introduced you to 5 stunning Phuket islands where you can enjoy diving at an affordable price. If you haven’t read it yet, feel free to check out 9 Budget-friendly Scuba Diving Islands in Phuket: EP1

This time, we’ll take you on another journey to explore 4 more breathtaking islands in Phuket, perfect for diving trips on a budget. Prepare to be amazed by the underwater world and its colorful coral reefs. Let’s dive right in!

1.  Koh Khai

Koh Khai

This small group of islands consists of Koh Khai Nok, Koh Khai Nai, and Koh Khai Nui. However, only Koh Khai Nok and Koh Khai Nai are open to visitors. The island is also known as “Cat Island” due to the abundance of friendly felines. Cat lovers will surely be thrilled! But don’t forget to enjoy the crystal-clear water and fine white sand beaches while you’re here.

The highlight for shallow diving is at Koh Khai Nok, where you’ll be greeted by beautiful corals and various colorful fish species with a serene atmosphere. Get up close and personal with nature and even swim alongside the fish!

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2. James Bond Island

James Bond Island

Known for its cool name, this famous island is recognized by many as Khoh Tapu. The main distinctive feature lies on the limestone rock resembling a crab’s claw jutting out into the sea. There isn’t much space for strolling and taking pictures, you may still enjoy both shallow diving and deep diving experiences here. If you want to witness the wonders of nature, make sure to visit Khao Tapu and delve deep into the underwater environment that surrounds this island. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

3. Surin Island

Surin Island

This is like the diver’s paradise on earth! Surin Islands is filled with numerous diving spots, both deep and shallow. Visitors can fully experience the beauty beneath the sea. In addition to diving, tourists may also encounter the Moken community, who are local residents and have lived on the Surin Islands for a long time. This allows visitors to experience both nature and the life of the locals.

There are many breathtaking diving spots around the islands, including Chong Khad Bay, Mai Ngam Bay, and Mae Yai Bay. The natural environment supports the development and growth of abundant coral reefs, especially the shallow coral reefs, which are considered among the richest in the area. The marine life is also incredibly diverse, making snorkeling around these islands a heavenly experience. Whether you choose to snorkel or dive deeper, the beauty beneath the sea at the Surin Islands is truly captivating.

4. Rok Island and Koh Haa Island

Rok Island and Koh Haa Island

Rok Island and Koh Haa Island (or Five Islands in Thai) are part of the Lanta Islands National Park. Koh Haa, as the name suggests, consists of five small islands. There are only two islands with sandy beaches for visitors to relax on, but you can snorkel around all of them. The unique feature of this area is the opportunity to see whale sharks and manta rays, making it a must-visit diving spot. Snorkeling might also reveal beautiful shallow coral reefs.

Rok Island is another must-visit spot for divers, with both inner and outer Rok Islands offering beautiful shallow coral reefs, allowing snorkelers to enjoy the stunning underwater scenery. One of the highlights is Man Sai Bay, which not only offers beautiful shallow coral reefs but also a sandy beach to relax on. If you want to explore nature trails, there are pathways through the beach and areas for exploration. For those seeking more diving experience, deep diving is also possible here.

That concludes our list of four beautiful Phuket islands for snorkeling. If any of them particularly interest you, plan a trip to explore the stunning underwater world of these Thai islands. You won’t be disappointed by the beauty of the southern seas!