Immerse yourself in every corner of Phuket Part 2: Southern Phuket

Southern Phuket - Phuket City Tour

In the last article, we’ve brought you on a journey exploring Northern Phuket ( Delve into every tourist zone in Phuket Part 1: Northern Phuket ) .

This time, we’re headed South, home to famous beaches and islands in this beautiful country of Thailand, waiting to greet us at three major spots. Each destination is an outstanding and crucial part of Phuket’s tourism, especially for those who enjoy sea adventures and island hopping.

Let’s see what we’ve got for today’s article:

1. Rawai

If you’re looking for places to visit in Phuket, surely, you must have heard of Rawai Beach. It’s amongst the top-rated tourist destinations in Phuket that springs to mind for many.

This vibrant location is close to many other exciting attractions offering a variety of experiences both on land and at sea. You might ask what’s Rawai? Let’s dive deep into it!

Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach is a renowned highlight of Phuket that one must experience. Although the beach isn’t ideal for swimming, the bustling life is what truly captures the essence of this place. Savour delicious seafood at the array of restaurants lining the beach, while enjoying the scenic views beneath the pine trees. If you visit at low tide, you’ll discover an incredibly wide beach, extending as much as 100 meters out into the sea.

Laem Phromthep

Laem Phromthep Southern Phuket
Laem Phromthep Cr: Sergey Matveev

Laem Phromthep is an unbeatable viewpoint near Rawai Beach, renowned for its picturesque beauty. It’s an excellent spot for viewing sunsets. Given its popularity, it offers convenient accessibility and ample parking, making it an ideal place to bring loved ones to witness the spectacular sunset.

Yanui Beach

Another gem in Rawai that shouldn’t be missed is Yanui Beach. Even though this is not one of the top must-visits for tourists, its scenic beauty doesn’t fall short of anywhere else. The tranquillity makes it ideal for genuine relaxation. Whether you want to sunbathe, stroll, chill, or swim along the beach, you can do it all here.

Karon View Point

karon view point

The Karon View Point, another must-visit, offers breathtaking views for photography enthusiasts. From this viewpoint, you can see three beautiful beaches – Kata Noi, Kata, and Karon. You’ll be in awe of the stunning seascape, looking like a painted picture. It’s a spot you truly have to visit.

Windmill Viewpoint

Windmill Viewpoint
Windmill Viewpoint Cr: Юля Григорьева

Windmill Viewpoint is for those who want a touch of foreign ambiance. From here, you can enjoy the fabulous view of the sunset. Not far from Laem Phromthep, it’s more peaceful and offers expansive views of the sky, sea, vibrant green hills, and numerous windmills. It truly feels like being abroad.

2. Nai Harn

Looking for clear waters and a beautiful sea? Put Nai Harn Beach on your travel list.

The sea here is stunning and crystal clear, perfect for water activities. On days when the waves and wind are strong, there’s no need for disappointment.

You can surf and sail, or simply relax on a beautiful sunbed. But Nai Harn is not just about sandy beaches and the sea. There are various attractions for a great visit.

Visit the spacious Nai Harn public park for a bike ride amidst nature, or explore trendy cafes and great restaurants. There are multiple ways to relax and each place you visit will surely delight you.

3. Chalong 

Venturing into the southern region of Phuket, we find the vibrant Chalong district. This bustling locale serves as a gateway to various islands, as it is a harbor for travelers aiming to explore the surrounding islands like Koh Hae and the larger Koh Racha. Although Chalong Bay may not be suitable for swimming as other areas are, the splendid view of the sea and the many moored yachts make it a perfect spot for photography. You’ll find long wooden bridges stretching out into the sea, and you could even rent a boat for fishing. Undeniably, Chalong is a must-visit checkpoint when in Phuket, offering much more than just being a harbor.

Chalong Temple

Chalong Temple Southern Phuket

Chalong Temple, also known as Wat Chaiyathararam, is a sacred and revered site worth visiting for those pursuing spiritual journeys. This temple is home to a pagoda sheltering a holy relic of Buddha brought from Sri Lanka. Don’t miss the opportunity to receive blessings from the renowned monk, Luang Pho Cham, a spiritual fulcrum for locals since time immemorial. Those seeking merit should undoubtedly visit this temple.

Big Buddha

Big Buddha

Big Buddha, or Phra Phutta Ming Mongkol Akenakiri as it’s also known, is a site that spiritual seekers cannot afford to miss when in Phuket. Its grandeur lives up to its name, featuring a majestic Buddha statue in the Maravijaya attitude. Its radiant white surface is something you truly have to see for yourself. Besides, there is an enormous golden Buddha statue that is stunningly captivating. Visit the Buddha Park at Nakkerd Hill in Karon and leave spiritually fulfilled.

Phuket Dolphin

Dolphins Bay Phuket

Phuket Dolphin Show is the only place in Phuket where you can witness a display of such intelligent creatures. If you’re a dolphin or a sea lion person, we also have great shows of them here! You can even take selfies with dolphins, become a dolphin trainer, or swim along with them.

Tiger Park

Tiger Kingdom

Tiger Park is a place where you can get close to tigers in a safe environment. You can take photographs with these majestic creatures without fear. Such an experience is not easy to come by!

Phuket Botanic Gardens

Phuket Botanic Gardens 2
Phuket Botanic Gardens Cr: sumpun Thammacharoen

Last but not least, for nature lovers, the Natural Garden is a paradise on Earth. This garden allows you to appreciate the charm of nature through its stunning international flower garden, designed in styles inspired by different countries. You will feel as if you are traveling the world, viewing flowers from various places.

From different tree zones to gorgeous flowers in full bloom, there is a plethora of nature’s wonders for you to study, take a picture of, and admire. Here we have Orchid Garden, the Bali Garden, the Japanese Garden, the Lotus Garden, and even the Tropical Rainforest Garden with their unique twists.

This garden is also home to a variety of rare flowers and plants. It’s fair to say that Natural Garden is a trip around the world’s most beautiful floral landscapes.

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