Amorn Phuket Pearl


Amorn Phuket Pearl

Founded by Amorn Intharacharoen, who originally ran a business selling raw pearls, Amorn Phuket Pearl has evolved into a high-value jewelry manufacturer. Seeing the opportunity to process pearls into jewelry, Mr. Amorn collaborated with state universities to research and develop round pearl farming techniques to improve the quality of pearls.

The brand “Amorn” was established under the slogan: “Eternal Beauty,” intended to enhance the beauty and value of pearl products. The company is built based on the natural beauty of pearls and creatively designed jewelry with unique and beautiful designs.

In 2011, the company won first place in the GIT GEM & JEWELRY DESIGN AWARD, demonstrating the beauty and superior design of AMORN brand products.

Amorn Phuket Pearl became the first in Thailand to receive quality and beauty certification for pearl products under the ISO 9001:2000 standard, an international standard for the quality management of pearls. The company also secured two national awards, the National Outstanding Industry Award and the Outstanding SMEs Award of the Year. They also had the privilege to design crowns under the AMORN brand for various world beauty pageants, including Miss World Singapore 2012, Miss Thailand World 2013, Miss World Switzerland 2013, and Miss Thailand World 2014.

These achievements attest to the exceptional work and genuine success of Amorn Phuket Pearl. Customers who purchase products from Amorn Phuket Pearl can be confident in the products and assured of getting good value.


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