Wang Talang Phuket Jewelry Store

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Wang Talang Phuket Jewelry Store

Wang Talang Phuket Jewelry Store, also known as Phuket Gems International, is a prominent hub of gemstones and jewelry in Thailand. Upon entering “Wang Talang Gems International,” you’ll encounter a beautiful garden and a stunning display of gems and jewelry. The store focuses on producing uniquely elegant pieces of jewelry.

When you purchase jewelry here, you can customize and design jewelry in your own style. This store prioritizes the needs of its customers first, catering to both Asian and European tourists, as well as Thai locals.

Moreover, Wang Talang Jewelry has a stunning and spacious interior with a vast area of 2,680 square meters that can handle over 1,000 visitors. It is fully equipped with facilities such as a parking lot, gem history areas, jewelry production laboratories, gem exhibitions, and much more.


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