Best islands around Phuket

Best islands around Phuket

Phuket region in Thailand is one of the best tourist attractions in the world. Rich with marine life and beautiful sceneries of the expanse of water and the hilly areas as well as the conducive climate that the tourists always want to enjoy, this land is one of the must visit. The culture and the marine shape will impress. One of the best scenery that you would always want to see are the islands around the phuket area. There are several and you would definitely want to get yourself to that region. In this article I am going to show you the best islands around the Phuket area. If you are planning to make a tour around the world you might consider paying a visit here.

Phi Phi islands

Phi Phi islands

 The southern part of Thailand is full of islands. Phi phi islands are the widely known islands in this area and most tourists know of these islands. The 6 islands form an extensive feature and give you a reason to pay a visit here. The phi phi islands are made of 6 islands. The koh phi phi don is the largest out of the six islands and it is inhabited. This plus the other 5 islands make up a beautiful scenery where tout=rist come to relax over the holiday. There are shops, bars, restaurants and hotels around these islands so as to meet your daily food requirements. There are also resorts where you can relax and enjoy yourself with all sorts of drinks. The world changes and this area and it is on these islands that people find a paradise. 

Similan islands

similan island

The Phuket area is large and not only the phi phi islands that make up the islands in this area. The similan islands have 9 islands within a marine national park. The area is inhabited and tourists get to walk or get sight of these sceneries while here. The area gives tourists a chance to forget  their woes and get to experience firsthand paradise.The area is full of areas to dive and visits can be made during the day. The beauty of the island is also experienced through camping and accommodating in tents. There are breezes that sweep through the area and dead quietness is broken by such breezes. The white sand-like smooth texture silt soil makes a conducive environment. During the day the area has the sun directly on it and those around this area enjoy the warm moist breezes. There are swimming areas and no doubt you will always like the experience because the area has a nature that offers what you need. The view of the rocks on the island is just the best. Rocks within vegetation that looks so greenish make the whole area appear so beautiful and outstanding. There are shining rocks that uniquely lay on the others.

Racha islands

Not enough there is yet another series of islands around the phuket area. This whole area has a long coastal line that is made up of extensive protruding areas of exposed land surface. The Racha islands are found in the southern part of the phuket around 20 km from phuket town. The islands are made up of two islets; racha yai and racha noi. These collectively create a beautiful scenery of its kind. Though many activities happen here, it is notable that these two islands are full of fish. Snorkeling And top notch diving sites are found here and most people like being here to practice such activities. There are fishermen in this area and no doubt that taking a visit in this area will earn you a fish.Evenings spent around this area remain in your mind for almost the rest of your life. You enjoy everything a coastal life should provide while here and above all this is the best scenery that will offer you exactly what you need. The best sight and scenery for the memories.

Coral island

The Phuket area has got another beautiful scenery for you to visit. The koh hae is a smaller island when compared to others and this is one of the nearest islands which you can visit. It takes a very short time to get to the island using a boat and this marks another reason why you should visit this area. The 15 minute boat ride will get you to the destination cheaply and shortly. There are always activities like diving and snorkeling that happen within this area and so you should always look forward to making a visit over here. The resort in this area will give you the best foods and fun services for the rest of your time while here. The island is just the best considering some marine activities such as basking and swimming along the shores.

Koh Yao Yai and koh Yao Noi

These two islands are found near Phuket though near the border to Krabi’s coasts. A speed boat takes around 20 minutes to get there while a ferry which plies this area will take 45 minutes. There are good hotels with 5 star standards and here you may have an opportunity to treat yourself and those who matter to you over the holiday. The peaceful conditions here are highly developed by the inhabiting population of the muslims which make the area conducive for apples to enjoy. There is always beautiful scenery and every tropica coast expectation will be met while here. There are so many activities here and the experience you gain while here is indescribable but experience will just give you the feeling.

These islands have been major tourist attractions since human existence. They have been a catch and most people never regret being in this area. If you are planning a trip here, a travel agent will help you get to the destination of your choice easily and fast. The experience will teach you what cannot be described. The feeling is the best. There are no regrets and everything is done in order. Come explore the long ranges of paradise. Yes, come and test the feeling of being in the water while the sun shines among other experiences.